XRP Surpasses Ethereum in Number of Google Search Requests

Ethereum (ETH) and the XRP token are major competitors in the list of largest altcoins.

At the end of last year, XRP managed to reach second place after Bitcoin in the ranking of largest digital assets. However, in 2019, Ethereum reclaimed its status as the largest altcoin.

Currently, Ethereum and XRP occupy the second and third places respectively. However, internet users are more interested in the XRP token from the Ripple project than in Ethereum.

According to the latest data provided by the analytical service Google Trends, web users from around the world have made the most search requests on Google on topics related to XRP and Ripple. People were almost twice as interested in this particular cryptocurrency than in Ethereum.

Looking at the regional distribution of cryptocurrency popularity, it can be seen that most countries whose residents are interested in Ripple are located in North and South America. The XRP token is also more of interest than Ethereum in some countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the Muslim East.

Ethereum is most popular among internet users in Russia, Eastern European countries, and Central Asia.

The highest number of Google search queries on the topic of ETH came from citizens of Bulgaria, Colombia, Ukraine, Romania, and Vietnam. XRP enjoys the highest popularity in the USA, Australia, Kenya, UK, and the Netherlands.

According to analysts, the higher interest in XRP and Ripple, compared to Ethereum, is due to Ripple being not only a cryptocurrency project but also a payment network that offers services such as xRapid.

It’s worth noting that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has previously stated that even if his company ceases to exist, the XRP token will remain in the market and will continue to be used as a payment instrument.

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