Taklimakan Network
Your compass in the cryptocurrency world
Next generation social network based on Blockchain technology.
Referral Program
Easy to earn if you are in Taklimakan Network
The referral program of Taklimakan Network allows you to earn from the turnover of the user structure up to 5th level.
Opportunities for professionals
The best place to learn, use and earn cryptocurrency
Taklimakan Network offers professionals the tools to monetize their skills and knowledge by sharing content with other users.
Opportunities for users
We bring you the best of crypto lifestyle
Newcomers to the crypto industry will be able to increase the level of knowledge at the expense of experts by subscribing to thematic content.
Taklimakan Token (TAN)
Created on the basis of Ethereum blockchain
Used as the main means of payment, a subscription tool, fees, referral rewards, a share in the vote.
Why you should be a part of Taklimakan Network?
News aggregator
  • news News from popular sources in one place
  • news-1 Subscribe to favorite sources and read that in your feed
  • microphone Discuss the worldwide news
Share your ideas and opinion about cryptomarket with subscribers
  • salary Traders can earn on their trading ideas, recommendations and strategies
  • board Beginners can use a various tools to predict and test their ideas
  • go-to-top Professionals can monetize their skills by attracting subscribers and increase the popularity among the community
Try out the best analytical capabilities in the market
  • graph Use interactive analytical tools to examine cryptocurrencies and overall market
  • analytics Share your own reports on ICO projects and compare it with the other users
  • presentation Raise our popularity as a top analyst and acquire customers on the platform
You are in few steps from becoming a part of us
Great opportunity for bloggers
  • writing Share our thoughts on various topics ranging from cryptocurrencies to cooking recipes
  • popularity Increase the awareness of your blog among the community
  • profit Use the opportunity to monetize your blogs
Knowledge Library
  • network Beginners will find an education library with different levels of difficulty
  • user-in-center Share your knowledge with subscribers
  • coins Build your courses with interesting lectures and share with other users
Get an access to all important cryptocurrency statistics in the Markets section
  • smartphones 2500 cryptocurrencies, 7500 cryptocurrency pair, 250 cryptocurrency exchange
  • statistics Real-Time graphics of cryptocurrency prices and exchange data
Localization of the platform in 15 languages
en ru zh ko ja de it es fr pt pt pt pt pt pt
Get the content only in the language of interest
Convenient feed subscriptions and instant notifications
  • data Build your own subscription feed and receive the content that interests you
  • bell Watch the reaction of subscribers to your published materials
Add your wallet and start earning
  • ethereum The official token of the platform TAN is based on ETHEREUM blockchain
  • ticket Link or open your TAN wallet to pay for various services on the platform
Convenient rating and ranking system of the users
  • user-in-center-2 The user will have his own individual rating and rank in each section of the platform
  • presentation Rating and rank is formed from the activity and ratings of other users
  • customer The higher the rank, the greater the opportunities of monetizing your activities
Invite other users and earn % of their payments on the platform
  • pie Get 5% reward from the turnover of users whom you invited (only when Basic or Premium accounts are enabled)
  • wage When user signs up without a referral link he appeals to the random user structure of the platform
Create and monetize any of your content on the platform
  • writing Create unique content that will be interesting to other users of the platform
  • analytics Acquire interested subscribers and provide the your content for TAN tokens
Frequently Asked Questions
Below we have presented some frequently asked questions about the platfrom. If you have other questions, please contact us by email: