Tron (TRX) Token Transfer Timer Ticking: All Aboard?

Tron’s token migration is just seven days away. That’s when TRX is set to shed its identity as an ERC20 token and move over to the new Tron blockchain.

That leaves a handful of days to make sure your coins are in order and part of the token migration.

Right now, 26 exchanges have announced their support for the token swap. That means if your coins are on one of these exchanges, they will be migrated automatically.

Here’s a look at all of the crypto trading platforms currently on board:

A number of exchanges are conspicuously absent from the list.

For example, HitBTC and Coinspot are two exchanges that have yet to announce support for the token swap. So if your coins are resting there, you may want to think about transferring them in the near future.

After the migration is complete, Tron plans to hold an election on June 26th. TRX holders will vote to designate 27 Super Representatives that will power the network and validate transactions.

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