Analytical tools
We have created analytical tools for the convenience of experts in conducting technical analysis of cryptocurrency and cryptomarket. We also plan to replenish the database with unique indexes and exclusive indicators.
The TN Crypto 100 index consists of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Creating an index with 100 cryptocurrencies, we strive to present a picture of market dynamics and at the same time create an investment benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of investment decisions and portfolio performance. It is also worth noting that we created the parameter as Market Return, which is a statistical parameter of the change in the TN Crypto 100 index. This parameter can be used to calculate the profitability and volatility of a portfolio, as well as to represent the total market of cryptocurrency assets. Sharpe and Alpha are measures of excess returns. Sharp ratio is expressed in terms of excess return over risk-free interest rate, while Alpha is an additional yield across the entire cryptocurrency market (Market Index, TN Crypto 100).
The analytics section is intended for statistical and financial analysis of a cryptocurrency market, as well as for an empirical study of cryptocurrency projects, their future development strategy and investment attractiveness. This section consists of such categories as: Analytical tools, Forecasts for the market, Analytical reports on projects and cryptocurrencies, as well as Top analytics of the platform.
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